Complete your smile and restore your self-confidence with quality dentures

False teeth. 

Just hearing these words can bring about distaste, thinking about fake-looking dentures your grandparents used to wear. However, the methods used to create dentures have changed dramatically to ensure they fit, function, and look better than ever! At SK2 Dental of Dallas, Texas, Dr. Stanley Ngo and his team can help you choose the dentures best suited for you based on your unique situation.

What types of dentures are available at SK2 Dental?

Dr. Ngo is pleased to offer several varieties of dentures to choose from. These include the following options:

  • Partial denture. The partial denture is best used to replace one or several teeth missing from the dental arch. This appliance uses a metal framework and false teeth that slide into place, using the existing teeth for support. With proper care, these can last many years and can be easily adjusted if needed to fit and function at their best.
  • Complete denture. With full dentures, you replace all of the teeth in the dental arch with a single appliance. These dentures are made with high-quality acrylics and customized to look just how you want them. They often include false gums and are fabricated by our experienced dental lab technicians to ensure they look natural and function properly.
  • Immediate dentures. Patients who need dentures right away can ask us about immediate dentures, which are often used to provide a short-term solution while waiting for the permanent dentures to be fabricated.
  • Implant-supported dentures. Using dental implants along the dental arch, Dr. Ngo can create a more conservative type of full denture that attaches to the implants. By using implants along the dental arch, your dentures can fit securely in place to give you the confidence to smile, laugh, eat, and socialize with others.

Are you in need of false teeth?

Whether you are faced with the loss or extraction of a single tooth or have several within the smile you need to replace, Dr. Stanley Ngo and his team can assist. Call the office today at (469) 331-5444 to request a visit at his office, conveniently located in Dallas, TX, at 9780 Walnut St Suite 188.