How porcelain crowns are commonly used in dental practices

Dr. Stanley Ngo, the leading dentist at SK2 Dental, proudly offers porcelain crowns. Crowns are one of several restorative treatments provided at his Dallas, Texas, area practice. Patients often ask about the many ways in which porcelain crowns are used in dentistry, and he can help you better understand the benefits of using these types of restorations within the smile.

What are porcelain crowns?

Porcelain crowns are “caps” made of porcelain used over a tooth or dental implant abutment to restore the function and beauty of the smile after damage to a tooth or tooth loss.

How are porcelain crowns used in dentistry?

These versatile restorations are used in several different ways. Below are some common situations that can arise in which dental crowns or caps can help.

Porcelain crowns are used:

  • To restore damaged or decayed teeth
  • To improve the appearance of a misshapen or discolored tooth
  • To fill gaps between teeth by adding volume to the tooth’s structure
  • To preserve a tooth weakened by root canal therapy or extremely large cavities
  • To offer extra strength and durability for the natural tooth structure
  • To cosmetically improve the appearance of a tooth
  • To cover the abutment of a dental implant to act as a false tooth
  • To bond to false teeth called pontics to create a dental bridge

Can I benefit from a porcelain crown?

When you visit our office, you will first schedule a consultation visit and initial evaluation to decide if you are a good fit for a dental crown. Because they are incredibly versatile, many situations may arise where the dental crown might be suggested.

Why porcelain?

Many patients wonder why our team recommends porcelain crowns over metal or gold. Not only is porcelain a very strong material, but it also mimics the appearance of a natural tooth. Because of this, it makes both a great restorative AND cosmetic restoration at our office.

Why should I choose SK2 Dental for my porcelain crowns?

Our team is pleased to offer same-visit porcelain crowns, which eliminate the placement of a temporary crown and a return visit weeks later. We have invested in a 3D crown milling machine, fabricating your restoration while you wait in less than an hour!

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