Why is preventative dentistry important?

At SK2 Dental, Dr. Stanley Ngo and his team believe preventive dentistry is the best way to maintain a healthy smile. Preventive dentistry helps you avoid costly and painful dental procedures by diagnosing problems before they become severe.

What does preventative dentistry entail?

Preventative dentistry includes:

  • Through dental cleanings (prophylaxis)
  • Routine examinations
  • Dental x-rays
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Sleep apnea screening

During your regularly scheduled checkup appointment, we’ll take digital x-rays of your teeth and gums to look for any signs of tooth decay or gum disease. Our team also inspects each tooth and the gum tissues for abnormalities and issues, such as plaque or tartar buildup, that could lead to cavities or other dental problems if not diagnosed and addressed early on. After inspecting your smile, we may recommend professional cleaning at the same visit to remove plaque or tartar that has built up.

In addition to regular checkups and examinations, our team also offers fluoride treatments to help strengthen the enamel on your teeth and protect them from decay. Fluoride is best described as a naturally occurring mineral found in water sources, food, and other products that helps protect against tooth decay. During a fluoride treatment, our hygienists will apply a special solution or gel to your teeth that contains an increased amount of fluoride, helping to prevent cavities and reduce your risk of future dental problems.

When you take good care of your smile between appointments, you are also participating in preventative dentistry, reducing your risk of issues and making each dental visit a breeze! Our team believes that life is great with a beautiful smile!

Take care of your smile with preventative dentistry!

At SK2 Dental, we take a comprehensive approach to preventive dentistry through regular cleanings, exams, x-rays, and advanced preventive care measures like fluoride treatments. By working together with you, our providers can help ensure your smile stays healthy for life! If you live in Dallas, TX, and want to speak with our team about your oral health needs, connect with us today by calling (469) 331-5444. Our office is located at 9780 Walnut St Suite 188, and is open to new patients in the surrounding cities of Plano, Garland, Saches, Rowett, Wylie, and Richardson, TX.