Transform your Smile with Restoration Dentistry

Repairing the smile when problems occur is the best way to manage a healthy smile. At SK2 Dental, Dr. Stanley Ngo and his Dallas, Texas team can educate you on the various ways in which the smile can be restored. Known as restorative dentistry, you can address problems that affect the function, beauty, and health of the oral cavity.

What are restorative dentistry procedures available at SK2 Dental?

  • Dental implants. With dental implants, patients can replace missing teeth with a permanent solution that looks and feels like natural teeth.
  • Dental crowns. Crowns, also referred to as “caps,” are used to restore the strength, function, and appearance of damaged or missing teeth.
  • Fixed dental bridges. Missing teeth can be replaced with a fixed dental bridge, which “bridges” the gap between teeth to restore the function and appearance of the dental arch.
  • Composite resin fillings. Fillings can be used to repair cavities and other minor damage to the tooth enamel. Composite resin is a material more commonly used because it matches the natural tooth enamel to blend in beautifully, especially when compared to other widely used materials, such as silver amalgam.
  • Root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is a procedure that involves removing an infection from inside the tooth’s root canal to save it from extraction and preserve its integrity.
  • Dental bonding. Breakage and imperfections of the natural tooth can often be addressed using dental bonding, which uses a composite resin material that matches tooth enamel to blend in with the smile.
  • Dentures. Both full and partial dentures are available for patients looking for a way to replace one, several, or all teeth. We also offer implant-retained dentures, which are more conservative and provide superior fit and function when compared to traditional full dentures held in place with denture adhesive.

Which restorative dental treatments are right for me?

Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Stanley Ngo is the first step in deciding which restorative treatments can assist you in rejuvenating and restoring your smile. Call the office at (469) 331-5444 to request an appointment at our Dallas, TX practice, conveniently located at 9780 Walnut St Suite 188.