Our dental practice boasts robotic dentistry with the Yomi dental robot device

Dr. Stanley Ngo of SK2 Dental in Dallas, Texas, is a dentist who looks to reinvest into his practice regularly to obtain the latest technologies and learn the effective modalities used today to assist his patients in achieving oral health and wellness. This includes investing in robotic dentistry using the Yomi robotic system to place dental implants. 

What is the Yomi dental robot?

Our team describes the Yomi dental robot as the first and only FDA-cleared device used for the placement of dental implants. This robotic platform has revolutionized the process of obtaining dental implants, ensuring they are placed precisely where needed. Robot-assisted surgical devices are becoming the standard of care across the field of medicine, including dentistry, and continue to become more and more advantageous. Planning and placement of dental implants with the Yomi dental robot ensure a better patient experience and precision results.

Why choose implant dentistry with a practice offering robot-assisted placement?

Dental robotic surgery will eventually be the gold standard in dental implant placement thanks to the advances associated with robotic dentistry. Patients who visit SK2 Dental of Dallas, Texas, for dental implants will find that integrating a robotic system to plan and place implants is a revolutionary and highly reliable option for those interested in permanent tooth replacement using implants. Implant placement with the Yomi robotic system is done quickly, correctly, and with proper guidance.

Is robot-assisted dentistry safe?

Absolutely! The Yomi robotic system is cleared by the FDA for the planning and placement of dental implants, ensuring the safest treatment when performed by an experienced, trained, and skilled professional like Dr. Stanley Ngo.

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