Yomi Robot-Assisted Surgical System

Say hello to Yomi®


As the first and only robotic-assisted surgical system cleared by the FDA for dental implant surgery, Yomi® helps our team at SK2 dental accurately plan your procedure and place your implants. 

Whether you need to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or your complete smile, this is the less invasive, life changing solution you have been waiting for!

Here’s why Yomi may be the best option for you: 

  •   Enables smaller incisions faster recovery: Yomi enables minimally invasive procedures, which could lead to a faster recovery.
  •   Robotic guidance control: Your doctor is always in control with Yomi assisting in the accurate placement of the implants according to        the digital plan.
  •   Digital planning accuracy: Yomi complements your doctor’s surgical skills by pre-planning the entire procedure and enabling robotic        guidance   throughout the surgery.
  •   More peace of mind saves time: Implants are an investment, so it feels good knowing you’re getting more accurate dental care with       fewer appointments (for the appropriate candidates).
  •   Great smile, life-changing results: Dental implants look, feel and function like real teeth, helping you take control of your oral health     now and for the future.

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